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Do I need a Website or an APP?

For a computer, tablet or a smartphone to work, it basically needs two components – hardware and software. Hardware includes all the electronic components within that device and Software is coding, the device uses, to bring itself to life. 

So, what are the differences between Software, Application (Apps), and Website? Let’s look at this with a saying as an example – ‘All thumbs are fingers but all fingers are not thumbs. In other words, all websites and applications are software but all software are not websites and/or applications. Therefore, software is the generic term used to describe any piece of coding that is written to meet a client’s requirement. If the client wants software for a mobile device or even a desktop, then this is called an Application – also, widely known as Apps. Apps are small icons when clicked or touched, open-up. Whereas, for a website to open up, it needs an URL or web address typed into a browser. The website is not stored into the computer’s hardware but an app is downloaded and stored into the hardware, may it be a phone, tablet or a computer. So, device depending, and the purpose behind the customer’s needs, determine if an App or a Website is needed. 

Apps focus largely on images and graphics over large chunks of texts. Websites on the other hand are more text savvy. Websites can be static or dynamic. Static sites are informative sites that may have videos, images, texts and other graphics. Dynamic websites, on the other hand, will have everything a static website has plus some dynamic content, for example, a contact form or a shopping-cart which grows every time customers add an item to it. But, the most important aspect of development should be focused on user experience. Also known as UX/UI, this is one of the most important aspects of Web/App development. 

An online presence is an absolute requirement for all businesses in this Internet dominated society, whether it be an App or a Website. So, if you are in the market for any one of these, and/or have questions, please reach out to us to discuss this further in a free consultation meeting.