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Strengthen Hillshire International College’s Online Presence

The Hillshire International College problem before we made their website.

Before the website redesign, Hillshire International College faced challenges with its online presence. The existing website did not effectively showcase the diverse range of courses, including accounting, information technology, management, child care, hospitality, and community service. The navigation was confusing, and the site lacked elements to comply with regulatory requirements set by ASQA and the ESOS Act 2000. The outdated design hindered the college’s ability to attract and engage prospective students, both domestic and international.

Solution of Hillshire International College that we focus

Here are the major points that we focus on addressing the problem of the Hillshire International College.

  • Redesigning User Interface (UI)


The web design team focused on creating a modern, responsive, and user-friendly interface. This involved restructuring the website’s layout to showcase the various courses offered. Emphasis was placed on intuitive navigation, ensuring that information about accreditation, compliance, and course details are easily accessible

  • Regulatory Compliance Integration:

To address ASQA and ESOS Act 2000 requirements, the website incorporated clear and concise information about accreditation, ensuring transparency for both domestic and international students. Compliance with the National Code 2018 was visibly highlighted, reinforcing Hillshire International College’s commitment to quality education for overseas students.

  • Interactive Course Catalog:

A dynamic course catalog was implemented, allowing users to explore detailed information about each program. This included course outlines, entry requirements, and potential career paths. Prospective students could easily compare courses and make informed decisions.

  • Multilingual Support:

Recognizing the diverse international student base, the website was equipped with multilingual support to cater to non-English speakers. This feature enhanced accessibility, making information readily available to a broader audience.

Post-Implementation Impact of Website

The impact of the website after completing its development is the following.

  • Increased User Engagement: – The revamped website saw a significant increase in user engagement, with prospective students spending more time exploring course details and admission processes.
  • Improved Enrollment Rates: – The user-friendly interface and comprehensive course information contributed to a notable increase in enrollment rates, particularly among international students who found the application process more streamlined.


The redesigned website not only addressed the initial client problems of poor online representation and regulatory compliance but also resulted in tangible positive outcomes. Increased user engagement, improved enrollment rates, and positive testimonials signify a successful collaboration between Hillshire International College and the web design team. This case study underscores the importance of a strategic web presence in today’s educational landscape, especially for institutions catering to a diverse international audience.