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Digital Business Card is a type of smart card that uses NFC technology to communicate wirelessly with other NFC-enabled devices. This type of communication happens within a short distance, especially in a few centimeters. It is commonly used for contactless payment, public transport, identification, and access control. Digital Business Card and Google Review Card are the two newly introduced smart cards introduced by Zeptosky to make business in Sydney more reliable. A digital business card provides you information about a person. Similarly, a Google review card instantly provides your customer with a review option about your services once scanned. Below we have described how they work and their benefits in busy cities like Sydney and NSW.

Digital Cards Developed by Zeptosky

Digital Business Card

It is a smart/digital business card designed by Zeptosky in collaboration with DPS Design to share contact details by pressing an NFC-enabled phone. It has a tiny chip uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to send information to smartphones or other NFC devices. When someone taps their phone on the card, it sends your contact details, website, social media, or whatever else you want to share easy and unforgettable networking and branding.

To use a digital business card, when you meet someone, give them your Digital business card and ask them to enable NFC on their phone. They can then tap their phone on the card to receive your information. If you don’t have NFC enabled, then you can use a QR scanner. Then, a prompt will appear on their device, allowing them to save your contact information to their phonebook, visit your website, or connect with you on social media.

Benefits of Using a Digital Business Card

Improved Customer Contact: Connect easily to a range of contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, websites, social media profiles, etc.

Money-Saving: You don’t need to print many physical cards, one card is enough to get in contact with your customers, employees and so on

Give a contemporary vibe: Leave your contacts with an innovative, environmentally-friendly output from the standard paper business card.

Reusability: Change the data stored on the card at any time by using an NFC writing app, so you can always have your most recent information.

Memorability: Set yourself apart with a networking tool that is so different and unique, that it will make an impression on everyone it’s used with.

Eco-Friendly: No More Paper Waste: Say goodbye to paper usage – Use a digital business card which is a reusable option.

Enhanced Connectivity: Easily link to multiple forms of contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, websites, and social media profiles.

Digital Google Review Card

Businesses can now easily take customer feedback using Zeptosky’s newly introduced Digital Google Review Card. The card has a small NFC chip embedded in it, which redirects customers to the business’ Google review page when they tap with their NFC-enabled smartphone. In this way, customers can quickly give reviews and support the good reputation of the business online instantly, without any difficulties in busy cities like Sydney and NSW. If your device doesn’t support NFC, you can use a QR code to scan instead.

To use a Digital Google Review Card in Sydney, purchase the Digital card from Zeptosky/DPS Design. This card comes programmed with the URL to your business’s Google review page. Instruct your clients to activate NFC on their smartphones, typically found under “Connections” or “Network & Internet” settings. After completing a service or purchase, present the Google Review card to your customers. Then, ask them to tap their phones on it, which will direct them automatically to your Google review page. This process makes it easy for customers to leave positive reviews, enhancing your business’s online reputation and attracting more local clients.

Benefits of Using a Digital Google Review Card

Real-time Feedback: With the help of a Digital Google review card, you can instantly get reviews in real-time and improve your services.

Time-Saving: Your customers can save time instead of searching for your website to give reviews with one tap.

Higher Visibility: More reviews can improve your ranking on Google search results, attracting more local customers in Sydney and NSW.

Improved Online Reputation: By simplifying the review process, you can gather more positive reviews, boosting your business’s online reputation.

Increased Customer Engagement: Using a Digital card in Sydney or NSW makes it easy for customers to leave reviews, increasing engagement and feedback.

How to order Digital Business Cards in Sydney

If you are searching for a “Digital Business card near me” or “Digital Google Review Card” Zeptosky offers a convenient and innovative solution. Visit our website and fill in your information on our product page inside the NFC card or you can call our official number and the rest of the process will be handled by our experts. Otherwise, you can visit DPS Design and order from their cart. 

“Our virtual enterprise cards are embedded with NFC technology, allowing you to share your information with an easy process.”


The Zeptosky Digital Business card in Sydney is both an innovative digital business card and a well-performing Digital Google review card. Businesses can exchange contacts and collect feedback faster, easier and more effectively. Users can quickly share their contact details with others by tapping their digital business cards on NFC-enabled devices. This provides them convenience, a professional image, eco-friendliness, and easier information updates. Utilizing it like a Digital Google review card will optimize doing professional reviews on Google in the future using this card. So, don’t forget to check out our other products like Link Attendance, Test and Tag, and Butosi.

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