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IT Consulting

IT Consulting Services

ZeptoSky acknowledge the difficulty of setting up a new business in digital platform where it benefits the business owner to build their customer base to achieve consistent revenue. Therefore, ZeptoSky provides IT consulting services to resolve the issues based on customer’s hesitation and confusion to build up their brand and business model. 

There are twelve advantages of consulting services where customer capable of getting sufficient support from ZeptoSky.  

  1. Expertise and Knowledge – IT consultants are expertise in the industry and understand business owner’s needs and requirements based of many years successful experience in Sydney. We provide expertise and knowledge in various technologies, trends, and best practices and it allows the business to utilise IT technologies in their business without need for in-house hiring and training. 

  2. Cost Savings – IT consultants are cost effective where training and hiring of IT specialist are expensive due to salaries, benefits, training, and other overhead costs associated with permanent employees. 

  3. Focus on Core Competencies – Outsourcing IT functions to ZeptoSky allows the business owner to focus on their business at ease because small and medium business owner has limited time and seeking for opportunities in extending their current business structure. Besides, it also allows the business to allocate more resources into their core competencies instead of putting their effort and resources into IT department. 

  4. Scalability – IT consulting services can scale their IT support based on the needs and demand of the business where it can be short- or long-term support. Consultants with experience can assist the business to scalable their business into larger exposure.  

  5. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology – Consultants has resources and subscripted into latest technology and industry trends where the businesses need to have consultancy services to access into these technology trends. Business can utilise this knowledge to adopt cutting-edge solutions that improve efficiency, security, and overall performance. 

  6. Risk management – ZeptoSky also mitigate risk away from the businesses by relating to technology, cybersecurity, regulation, and compliance. We are expert and provide guidance to business owner to ensure the best practice and minimize the risks of breaching compliance and regulations from government. 

  7. Efficiency and Productivity Improvement – Consultants analyse existing IT processes and system to maximize the current IT performance to the business where implement improvement and solutions into business process capable of increasing overall productivity and reduce operational error. 

  8. Strategic Planning – ZeptoSky’s consultants assist business owner in various technologies strategic planning. We also provides development of IT roadmaps and planning to the business owner by depending on their goals and supporting them to growth and gain competitive advantages as well. 

  9. Project Management: ZeptoSky has clear standards for project management where we listed down the timelines of stages that required to be completed. We also update our client about the stages and consistently seek for feedback from the client to get closer to their needs and demand to ensure the resources are utilized efficiently. 
  10. Quick Response to Issues – ZeptoSky has excellent and quick response to client’s issue to ensure client’s satisfaction. IT consultants also capable to troubleshooting and resolve problems by providing supports efficiently than untrained in-house team.
  11. Vendor management – ZeptoSky experienced in slecting and manging third-party vendors, ensuring that the chosen solutions align with company’s goal. We also provide services of negotiating contracts and maintaining positive vendor relationships. 
  12. Adaptability to Change– Business world is changing rapidly over the last 20 years where our IT consultants capable of provide and implementing IT solutions to business to assist them to adapt into rapid business world. This increases the survivability of the business. 
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