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Training & Development

Training & Development

ZeptoSky is an IT solution company that provides training and development services to client where it requires employees of client have sufficient knowledge in utilise the technology in the company. ZeptoSky introduces the standard of training and development process in below as references. 

  1. Identify and define the training needs – We tailors IT solution to our client to identify and define their needs during the first meeting and where specific IT skills and knowledge required for different roles within the organisation. We identify the needs of employee by conducting assessments or surveys to determine the current skill levels of employee and ensure the training is fulfill the expectation and assisting in achieving business’s goals, IT strategy or any upcoming technology changes that may influence the training needs and objectives. 

  2. Developing & Delivery of Training Materials – ZeptoSky present the training materials such as manuals, presentations, online modules, and hands-on-exercises to ensure all the training material are comprehensive, up-to-date, and relevant to organisation’s objective. The training materials are included in the IT solution tailored where it should be easily access by all relevant employee within the organisation and minimize the errors that occur within organisation technology environment. 

  3. Delivery, Monitor & Evaluation – ZeptoSky delivery the training program to client on scheduled date and consider the availability and preferences of participants. Then, we monitor for the training program performance to determine if the program is effective. ZeptoSky also provides analysis of the training program by using assessment, quizzes, or practical exercises to measure the acquisition of skills and knowledge. We also collect the feedback from participants to evaluate the effectiveness of the training materials and delivery methods. 

  4. Integration with Performance Management – The result of the training program able to determine the performance quality of employee in performance management processes. The training program’s links to career development and advancement opportunities to employee to advance their positivity attitude to their job and working environment. 

  5. Adjustment and continuous improvement – ZeptSky connect the feedback from participants and integrating adjustment into the next training program by analyse the training outcomes. The adjustment of training program includes the changes in technology to ensure all the training materials are up to date.  

  6. Certifications and Recognition – We also provides certifications and recognition to participants to ensure their satisfaction and increase employee’s loyalty level to company. This also provides confident of utilising the technology in working environment. 
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