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Mobile App Development 

Mobile App Development

ZeptoSky offers mobile application development service which allow customise app solution to our client to fulfil the expectation of the market by developing tailored solutions based on client requirements. ZeptoSky experienced in developing business apps, consumer apps, productivity tools, games, and more in two major operating system on the market which are iOS for iphone and ipad, and android OS.  

We also provide UI/UX Design which aims to designing the visual elements and layout of the app to ensure intuitive and appealing user experience. It also focusing on creating a positive overall experience for users, including aspects like navigation, responsiveness, and over usability. 

Process of mobile development 

Objectives and Planning – ZeptoSky has experienced engineering in designing mobile apps for our client and business owner to achieve their business goals. In the first meeting, client outlines the goals and objectives of the mobile clearly and we provide professional consultancy to client of target audience and identify the problem or need the app will address. Meanwhile, market research of the similar apps on the market to ensure our mobile development is competency to other mobile apps.  

UI/UX design – Zeptosky would outline the UI/UX design to business owners to create wireframes or sketches to visualize the app’s structure and layout. Hence, we will develop interactive prototypes to test the app’s user interface and use experience before full development.  

Frontend Development – Zeptosky develop user interface to visualize the elements and user interface components required from the client based on the finalized design. Then, we consider client-side logic to controls the behaviour and interactive within the apps. This assist the us to ensure the user interface is complete and tidy. 

Backend Development – ZeptoSky provides the development of the server-side components, databases, and APIs necessary to support the app’s functionality where it allows integration as in connect the mobile app with external services or APIs for features such as authentication, data storage, and third-party integrations. 

Testing – We conduct three layers of testing to meet the standard to functionality of mobile apps by unit testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing (UAT). Unit testing is to ensure individual components or functions to ensure they work as intended. Integration testing is to verify that different dimensions of the app work together seamlessly. UAT conduct testing with end-users to validate that the app meets their expectation.  

Deployment/Maintenance and Updates – ZeptoSky deplos the apps into app store submission after complie the code into executable files suitable for deployment on the target platforms. Then, we provide maintenance regularly such as bug fixes, feature updates and compatibility to ensure the app remains functional with the latest operating system version and devices. 

Benefits of ZeptoSky’s mobile development 

ZeptoSky developed plenty of mobile apps successfully over years for wide range of clients, meeting their specific needs and exceeding their expectation. It benefits the business owners with strong and business extension. 

  1. Increase Accessibility – ZeptoSky ensure the mobile apps make information and services easily accessible anytime, anywhere, provided if there is a network connection. This enhances user convenience and engagement to the mobile apps and the business’s value it provides. 
  2. Scalability – Mobile apps extending the business to online and wider the market reach since it is scaling the target audience, tapping into global marke. Mobile Apps can be easily distributed through app stores, making them accessible to users around the world. 
  3. Brand Visibility and Recognition – ZeptoSky provides excellence of user interface and functionality where it have presence on mobile platforms through apps increases brand visibility. Mobile apps currently serve as a constant reminder of a brand’s existence on users’ devices and contributing to brand recognition. 
  4. Analytics and Insights – ZeptoSky provides regular market insight from the data collected from mobile apps to identify user bahavior, preferences, and interactions. The data can be used to refine the apps, create marketing strategies and planning, and making important and informed business decisions. 
  5. Social Integration – In the mobile development, ZeptoSky offers to intergrate with social media platforms where enabling users to share contents, inviting friends, and engagement of the brand’s community. This social aspect can contribute to app’s popularity and user acquisition and it is a branding strategies to influence the brand recognition. 
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